Working out the tension

The Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is a recognised form of injury rehabilitation, as well as providing other benefits that can help you lead a more active, healthy life. If you have never had a therapeutic massage, but are trying to reduce the level of stress and anxiety in your life, here are some of the benefits you can achieve.

Relaxation -- Unlike deep-tissue massage, which is a more aggressive massage method, therapeutic massage utilises light strokes and slow kneading to help reduce the production of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a hormone that floods your body when you are stressed or anxious, and the more cortisol in your blood, the more distressed you tend to feel. And because therapeutic massage is gentle, it relaxes and eases strain on your muscles and joints, which helps your entire body feel more at ease. Stress causes your muscles to contract and become tense, which affects your movement and also sends signals to your brain that you are not feeling well. Therapeutic massage focuses on putting your body and mind into a state of complete relaxation, and as your muscles and joints become more loose, you begin to release tension. Therapeutic massage therapists also ask you to breathe in through your nose and expel air from your mouth as they knead your muscles, which aids in the relaxation process.

Controls High Blood Pressure -- High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a serious health issue. Many people who don't regularly visit a doctor have high blood pressure, but they aren't aware of it because high blood pressure doesn't always have visible symptoms. Therapeutic massage takes a whole body and mind approach to healing, and according to the International Journal of Preventive Medicine, studies have shown that massage therapy is an effective means of reducing systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. Researchers believe that therapeutic massage promotes increased blood flow and boosts oxygen levels, which helps to regulate fluctuations in blood pressure.

Stress Relief -- Stress is a constant part of everyday life, and if it isn't handled it can lead to more serious ailments such as high blood pressure, heart issues, insomnia and weight loss. Therapeutic massage employs a consistent but gentle application of fingertips, elbows and palms to help release serotonin into your blood. Serotonin is a counter to cortisol because it is an organic pain-reliever that promotes healing in your muscles and joints.

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Working out the tension

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