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3 Ways To Ease Back Pain In Pregnancy

The hormonal and physical changes your body experiences during pregnancy can leave you with back pain and tight muscles. Your growing uterus and baby can cause you to lean backwards to compensate for the change in your centre of gravity, but this puts strain on your back and can cause your spine to shift out of alignment. There are very few painkillers considered safe in pregnancy and they only mask the pain anyway.

Here's an overview of three alternative ways you can ease back pain in pregnancy:

Take A Pregnancy Yoga Class

Yoga is a low-impact activity that won't put additional stress on your back. The gentle flow of yoga poses can be relaxing, loosen tight muscles and improve circulation. Additionally, many of the poses practiced in a pregnancy yoga class focus on strengthening the back to accommodate your growing baby. For example, the cat-cow pose stretches out and strengthens the muscles in your back and involves starting on all fours on the mat and tucking your buttocks under as you curve your back and take a deep breath in.

Some yoga poses such as the plow and shoulder stands are not suitable in pregnancy due to the potential strain they put on your placenta as they direct blood away from the uterus. Therefore, you should stick to yoga classes specifically designed for pregnant women.

Treat Yourself To A Prenatal Massage

Having a massage is an ideal way to relieve tight muscles and encourage improved blood flow to your back, which can reduce inflammation by increasing the amount of oxygen available to your muscles. It's not safe for you to put pressure on your abdomen, so you should either lie on your side or use a massage therapist who has a specially-designed table with an area hollowed out to accommodate your bump.

You can have most types of massage during pregnancy including Swedish, deep tissue and shiatsu, but choose a massage therapist with experience of working on pregnant women as they'll be aware of common sore spots in pregnant women's backs and the areas to avoid.

Visit A Chiropractor

Chiropractors use hands-on adjustments to release tension and gently move your spine back into alignment. Chiropractic treatment is considered safe in pregnancy, but your chiropractor will make some alterations to their adjustments to ensure they don't put pressure on your abdomen. They can also give you tips for maintaining a healthy posture throughout your pregnancy and show you how to do some stretching and strengthening exercises at home.

These alternative treatments for back pain can be effective on their own or you can combine them for maximum benefit. Before undergoing any treatment or taking a yoga class, ensure the practitioner or instructor knows you are pregnant as this will allow them to operate safely and allow you to get the most out of your session.

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